1. While fads and trends come and go, he has always been loyal to film for it's artistic and organic quality. He uses both film and digital photography for his professional work making him a true hybrid photographer.

  2. He is married to a passionate and talented floral artist Nancy Liu Chin together, their joint businesses are known as In Focus In Bloom. They live with their dog Rocco in an artist loft in the SOMA area of San Francisco.

  3. A loyal San Francisco Giant’s fan since he was a young boy, he remembers those days of astro-turf and cold windy evenings at Candlestick Park. Duirng the 2010 season, his childhood dream finally came true as the Giant's finally won their first World Series in San Francisco.

  4. Clients worldwide have commissioned him to photograph weddings in such locations as Thailand, Italy, France, Mexico, and Peru.

  5. Some of his favorite films include Chungking Express, Lost In Translation, Field Of Dreams, and any James Bond film (with Sean Connery of course).

  6. He photographed his first wedding at the age of 16 and earned $50.00. His prices have gone up a bit since.

  7. Before becoming a professional full-time photographer, Kevin sold men's closthing at Nordstrom's. His time there taught him about expert customer service and he learned to dress like a gentleman. You can be assured Kevin will show up at your wedding looking dapper and professional and equiped to tie the groom's bow tie if needed.

  8. As a self-taught photographer, he feels the best education comes from living life to the fullest and never having regrets. If you live your life with passion, you will succeed at whatever you do.

Photo Credits: Lisa Lefkowitz, Indu Huynh, Anna Wu