Black & White Holga | Paris

My friends are always puzzled that I don’t bring along my professional gear for my travel photos.  My favorite camera has always been my $40, plastic Holga camera.  It shoots real film which is my passion.  Because the Holga is made of plastic, the quality of the images are not the best and the results are very unpredictable.  These imperfections are what gives the photos it’s character and unique look.

Paris Holga b&w


































































































 All photos taken with Holga camera and Kodak Tri-X 120 black and white film




  • Kevin,
    These are just beautiful. They capture the magic of the Paris I love – the quiet, the off-the-beaten-path, the old and the nostalgic Paris…
    Why don’t you make a photobook out of these? Or blow them up for wall art? I’d love to have these around to look at and begin dreaming…

  • Thank you Jutta! Yes, Paris is so timeless and it’s nostalgic beauty really shows in B&W images. I can make any size print or create an album for you. Just let me know.